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summer camps 2020

The best summer of summer camps is yet to COME. 

Tree houses, Sloths, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and soooooo much more! Your kiddos will be stimulated, entertained and engaged while creating masterpieces to be proud of. 


June 2020

Wizard of Oz Art Camp

Wizard of OZ art summer camp studio 2020 stapleton denver colorado creative original 80238

Have your child take the yellow brick road into the magical world of Wizard of Oz in our unique summer camp creating characters from this enchanted tale, building an emerald castle, melting the bad witch, creating a painting of Ruby’s red slippers while we read a part of the story each day for inspiration. 

Your child will be delighted to bring the parts of the story to life through the creations she/he will be proud to show off to you at the end of the day!

Ages 5-12

June 1-5, 9AM-12PM  $214


June 1-5, 1PM-4PM  $214

Let’s Build a Treehouse Camp

art summer camp studio tree house create make stapleton denver green valley ranch park hill 2020

Designing and creating a treehouse of their very own will give your child an opportunity to think outside-of-the-box, plan and design all aspects of their sculpture while having the freedom to choose their very own additions. 

We will talk about how real designs are created to start our creative process.

The treehouse sculpture will be finished off with details like hammocks, tire swings, rope ladders and woodland inhabitants made out of polymer clay.

We’ll let your child’s imagination lead the way.

Ages 5-12

June 8-12, 9AM-12PM  $214


June 8-12, 1PM-4PM  $214

Under the Big Top Camp

summer art camp 2020 circus show denver stapleton park hill 80238 create original studio make diy

Come one! Come all! With visions of bright lights, cheerful music, and fun for all ages, this circus-inspired camp will help your child feel the magic up close. Kids will design their own three-ring circus, including incredible aerial acrobatics, fantastic feats, and all the spine chilling attractions your child can imagine, all created in one take-home project. “The Greatest Show on Earth!” will be presented to you through art and even inspire imaginative play. 

Ages 5-12

June 15-19, 9AM-12PM  $214


June 15-19, 1PM-4PM  $214

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

harry potter summer art camp 2020 wizard school denver stapleton 80238 green valley ranch park hill

The second year of this magical camp will delight the fans of Harry Potter with new spells, creating new potions, making necessary magical items, and attending ‘classes’ like Care of Magical Creatures and Defense against The Dark Arts. The curriculum at our Hogwarts inspired camp is rich, varied, and full of fascinating, magical subjects.

Whether your child is new to the world of magic or has lots of experience under their robe, everyone can have a blast making magical memories with us! ”It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”-Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Ages 5-12

June 22-26, 9AM-12PM  $214


June 22-26, 1PM-4PM  $214

july 2020

Design Your House Camp

doll house summer art camp 2020 stapleton denver design create built 80238 colorado best camp

Your artists get to decorate and furnish the house of their dreams. Maybe your superheroes need a great place to take a break when they aren’t busy saving the world. Perhaps, your unicorn collection needs a place to play. Even those army men deserve to be spoiled with their own perfect home. This isn’t just for girls. We will create miniature furniture, landing deck, or things that new tenants might find useful. 

Sturdy toy house included!

Ages 5-12

June 29-July 3, 9AM-12PM  $275


June 29-July 3, 1PM-4PM  $275

May the Force Be With You Camp

summer art camp 2020 star wars may the force be with you stapleton denver 80238 make create diy

All Padawans embark on certain fields of study on their path to becoming a Jedi. We welcome all wishing to complete the Art Across Galaxies curriculum. Take a trip to a far far galaxy with us to use the Force to focus their creativity and problem solving skills throughout the week as they learn and apply skills such as perspective, texture, background/foreground, and three-dimensional creation to support their ability to observe and analyze their surroundings, because your focus determines your reality. May the Force be with you.Yoda approved.

Ages 5-12

July 6-10, 9AM-12PM  $214


July 6-10, 1PM-4PM  $214

Summertime Sloths Camp

summer art camp 2020 sloth make paper mache diy stapleton denver 80238 80239 creative original

Let’s bring these adorable creatures to life in our paper mache sculpture that will be placed in the hammock hanging on the tree branch to enjoy the sun while showing the world its personal style. Making accessories, like summer hats, sunglasses, tasty drinks and flip flops, will prepare your child’s new sloth friend for a vacation of its dreams!

Ages 5-12

July 13-17, 9AM-12PM  $214


July 13-17, 1PM-4PM  $214

18” Girl Doll-Camping Edition

summer art camp 2020 camping american girl doll 18 inch diy stapleton denver 80238 make accessories

Have your child get their 18” Girl Doll packed and ready for your next campout (real or imaginary). In this week long camp, the students will be hand making gear so their dolls are ready to take camping (or glamping). They will create a doll-size tent, comfy-cozy-cute sleeping bag, a pretend camping fire (imagine the fun at the next doll playdate!), working lanterns, as well as other small camping accessories. It’s time for your artist to ignite their spark at this adventure inspiring camp!

Ages 5-12

July 20-24, 9AM-12PM  $214


July 20-24, 1PM-4PM  $214

Safari to Africa Camp

safari to africa summer art camp 2020 stapleton denver 80238 colorado learn culture animals

Safari to Africa will lead your kids on the journey to create iconic scenery and animals as we paint and draw and make. Exotic animals, unique culture and customs, and the environment will be our inspiration for art creations using many different forms of media like paint, clay, 3D sculptures and so much more. Let’s safari to Africa without the need for real travel. 

Ages 5-12

July 27-31, 9AM-12PM  $214


July 27-31, 1PM-4PM  $214

August 2020

Mythical Dragons Camp

mystical dragon summer art camp 2020 stapleton denver colorado 80238 create design make diy magical

Creatures of mythic proportions inspire dragon-sized creativity in this camp as artists create 3D sculpture of dragon’s head, design details like scales, horns, or wings and decide on their dragons special powers. 

We will design our dragons from scratch, learning drawing techniques to best express our visions before bringing the dragons to life step-by-step through the weeklong camp. 

Ages 5-12

Aug. 3-7, 9AM-12PM  $214


Aug. 3-7, 1PM-4PM  $214

Sweet Treats - Ice Cream Truck Edition

ice cream truck sweet treats summer art camp 2020 stapleton denver colorado 80238 make create design

Celebrating the end of summer break with sweet treats camp is the cherry on top of the summer’s creativity. We will design, build and decorate an ice cream truck. No ice cream truck is finished without the sweet treats that we will create out of a very popular medium, polymer clay. The end of this camp and summer will be celebrated with an actual ice cream/sorbet sundae buffet for our artists to enjoy before they go back to school the following week. 

Ages 5-12

Aug. 10-14, 9AM-12PM  $214


Aug. 10-14, 1PM-4PM  $214

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