About us

Adriana Saurini - owner/educator

Like so many great ideas, the inspiration for Neighborhood Art Studio came from a child. Founder Adriana Saurini wanted to enroll her preschool-age daughter, Elia,  in a program that allowed her to explore various techniques and materials, develop her imagination, and create art without limits. At the time, however, no such class seemed to exist for kids Elia’s age. Since Adriana was already a well-known face painter in the Stapleton community, she decided to ask around and see whether other neighborhood parents were similarly interested in hands-on art experiences they could share with their children. The response was overwhelming, and as a result, Adriana began teaching art classes at her first location, a classroom in Stapleton Fellowship Church, as well as conducting preschool art classes out of her living room.

Today, Neighborhood Art Studio is at the forefront of play-based learning through art. Children as young as 2 years of age can experience the world around them by getting to work with an array of materials and objects, all in a safe, inviting atmosphere that encourages creativity, celebrates originality, and asserts that there are no such thing as mistakes. Stapleton and Northfield area families love us for our diverse range of classes, art clubs, workshops, and even birthday parties that cultivate ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and above all, FUN! Neighborhood Art Studio is proud to be the place that empowers children to ignite the spark.