Unicorn Dream Catcher Birthday party


Age Recommendation

This party theme will delight all ages, but we recommend ages 7 - 13 years old for most enjoyment. 

Unicorn Dream Catcher Theme

This whimsical art project makes a great addition to any young artist's room decor. Each artist will get to decorate their personal dream catcher with variety of colorful ribbons, gold horn and unicorn ears, finished with gorgeous faux flower crown.

Did you know the weblike pattern of dreamcatcher catches the bad dreams and lets through all the good ones?

Note: This project involves using low temperature hot glue guns. 

Popular Extras for this theme - additional fees apply

1. piñata - allows kids with winter birthdays to enjoy the usually outdoor activity at their celebration

2. professional face painting featuring unicorn, rainbow and flower designs

3. pizza for grown ups with Package B or C

4. unicorn pendant necklaces 

Maximum Number of guests

Each of our birthday packages includes up to 12 participating guests within the booking fee. 

We are able to accommodate up to 25 participating children within each package with a small fee for additional artists. 

We welcome younger non-participating siblings as well as grown ups to stay at no additional charge.

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