Volcano Eruption Birthday Party


Age Recommendation

This party theme will delight all ages, but we recommend ages 3 - 10 years old for most enjoyment. 

Volcano Eruption Canvas Painting

Volcano themed canvas painting is a very versatile project across all ages. Artists will get to paint a canvas which is prepped with vinyl volcano shaped sticker. This no-fail painting technique is great for all ages as the younger artists can simply cover the canvas with paint while the older artists can add details based on their skills and abilities. After sprinkling the wet paint with glitter, artists will get to peel off the sticker revealing the unpainted shape of volcano. 

They will then proceed adding gold rocks to eruption, moss and dinosaur stickers to finish of the masterpiece. 

Volcanic chemical reaction - included in price

Birthday child will be the star of this show as the party coordinator talks to guests about volcanic eruptions. 

Celebrating child will get to demonstrate a chemical reaction to make the paper mache volcano erupt in front of his/her guests usually followed by big cheers and applause. 

Popular Extras for this theme - additional fees apply

1. custom made volcano shaped piñata that erupts with candy upon breaking

2. professional face painting featuring dinosaur designs

3. pizza for grown ups 

Maximum Number of guests

Each of our birthday packages includes up to 12 participating guests. 

We are able to accommodate up to 25 participating children within this package with an additional small fee for additional artists. 

We welcome younger non-participating siblings as well as grown ups to stay. 

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