Preschool Art Explore

Preschool Art Classes are specifically designed for ages 3-5 years old. 

Each class starts with story that supports the upcoming art project, and includes wiggle time and sensory play.   We will employ some Montessori strategies that will help your child develop the fine-motor and social skills necessary for success in kindergarten and beyond!  

 Art Classes are process based, meaning we focus on the art experience, creative process, developing skills, rather than the outcome, though each student comes home with art work they feel very proud of. There is an emphasis on interesting and engaging materials and techniques, while working with mediums including, but not limited to, clay, paint, mixed media, and wood. Our projects are developed to support improvement skills to better prepare our students for kindergarten.  Story time, basic letter and number skills,color, and fine motor skills will be part of our curriculum. We pride ourselves in creating a nurturing and happy environment where children learn to express themselves through the arts with confidence and joy. 

 Need some time to get things done? We encourage moms and dads to drop their little ones off at preschool art class, so you can get a few things done while your budding artist gets creative in a safe, friendly environment.  You are welcome to drop off, run a few errands, hang out in our comfortable waiting room or join in the class.  Classes are two hours in length and are ongoing, paid as monthly tuition. We guarantee at least 4 classes in the month, otherwise the tuition is prorated. There are only 10 spots available in each class.   

Preschool Art and explore


Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30am

Do you have a budding artist 3 years or olderand need to get some errands done? 

Have them join us for two hours a week on the journey to explore, learn and create in a friendly, play-based, process art focused environment to practice their social skills and independence. 

Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:30am

$140/4 classes in March

limited to 10 spots

sibling discounts apply

drop off, potty trained not required

Get a few things done guilt free while your little has a blast and begs you to come back.