About Kara Krasner

Kara Krasner - Instructor, Art-n-Motion

Kara taught herself to draw as a way to relax when she was a child, but it wasn’t until her late 20s when she decided to become serious about art. These days, Kara is the developer of Art-n-Motion , a “make-your-art-move” creativity studio empowering kids to share their stories through movement. Kara’s Art-n-Motion program incorporates essential storytelling elements into flipbooks, zoetropes, shadow puppetry using mixed media and more, giving school-age students a hands-on experience bringing their art to life! 

Kara loves the “small town in a big city” feel of the Stapleton area, where she lives with her husband, two kids- 14-year-old Nathan and 12-year-old Nora- and two cats who seem to enjoy movement and shadows as much as she does! In addition to art, puppetry, and storytelling through animation, Kara enjoys writing, and is currently in a speculative fiction class.

Fun Facts:

  • Before coming to NAS, Kara trained with Spellbinders, a volunteer storytelling troupe in Denver, and has also performed throughout the South Dakota, Wyoming and Denver areas with Maureen Lawry's "Sweetgrass Prairie Saga,” a puppet show that teaches the importance of conserving the animals and plants on the plains of North America. 
  • Speaking of helping bring things to life, Kara was an obstetrics technician before she decided to focus on art and storytelling.
  • Kara is good friends with Keri Deixler, another NAS instructor, and worked with her on explorations at Swigert Elementary when their kids were students there.